How do I place an order?

There are several ways to place an order for transportation:
1) By calling us at +(256)772-113-112, option 3 and speaking with your Dealer Sales Representative,

2) sending an e-mail to

I already use a transporter for my vehicles, why would I use Ready Logistics?

Pacific Lines Ltd is the expert in transporting vehicles from anywhere to everywhere with a strong focus on meeting client delivery needs. This attention to detail and superior service has made us the largest logistics company. Pacific Lines Ltd helps to minimize risk through our qualified carrier network, leverage technology and optimize service delivering convenience to our clients.

What shipping documentation is needed for my shipment?

With Pacific Lines you will be able to submit and receive the most common shipping documents on-line: Quotation, Booking, Shipping Instructions, Dock Receipt, Packing List, Commercial Invoice (in general applies only to business shipments. However some destination countries require commercial invoices for personal shipments as well), Invoice, Pacific Lines’s House and Carrier’s Master Bill of Lading for express release of your freight. In general this is the necessary minimum to complete an international shipment.

However, some destination countries (particularly countries in South America, countries in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European nations) and/or depending on commodity require a more comprehensive list of items shipped and/or additional shipping documents. You may want to check with a local consulate or ask a destination’s customs broker about additional documents that may be necessary.

You need fill your shipping documents out and submit them online before your freight is self-delivered to the receiving terminal OR picked up by our pickup driver; otherwise you may experience problems with your shipment at the origin or/and destination. We do not take any responsibility for inaccurate shipping documents submitted by you, nor for sufficiency of documents represented to all parties related to your shipment. We will not be responsible for any delays or/and charges that may occur due to lack of proper shipping documentation.

Cosigner must indicate the request for SED filing in a booking request or in separate e-mail 72 hours prior to the ETD. In general, no international shipments without AES number (ITN) are permitted unless the exemption above.